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Matsudaya is a 6-seat reservation-only sushi restaurant located in Gion, Kyoto.
So that guests can receive the most enjoyment from our sushi, Chef Matsudaya personally handpicks fresh ingredients which have matured to maximize umami. Please enjoy the perfect balance of ingredients and rice, and the proper temperature and texture of our sushi.
We are confident that our guests will have a memorable time: an exclusive experience that can only be found at Matsudaya.

  • お料理にぎり
  • お料理にぎり
  • お料理にぎり
  • お料理にぎり
  • お料理
  • お酒
  • お酒

Chef’s Tasting Course

• All dishes served are "Omakase" and use only seasonal ingredients.
• Nigiri Sushi Only: 18500 yen (Exc. Tax)
• Appetizers and Nigiri Sushi: 25000 yen (Exc. Tax)
※ Please note that the price may vary depending on market conditions.
※ An additional 10% service charge is required.

The Enjoyment of food

A "bite of happiness" with our Edomae Sushi
There are numerous kinds of sushi, but "Edomae" personifies sushi. Sushi toppings are seared, steamed, and grilled then carefully and elaborately combined to match sushi rice with red vinegar. The combination of the sushi rice and topping unravel in your mouth to reveal an exquisite harmony.
Slowly savor the genuine taste of each masterfully created piece of sushi.

Restaurant Information and Reservation

【Notice from the Restaurant】

Regarding Reservations

Business Hours
《First Service》 Entry required exactly at 17:30
《Second Service》 Entry required exactly at 20:00
(Please call us in regards to making a reservation on that day, so we can check for seating availability for you.)


Omakase Appetizer and Sushi
¥27,500 to ¥33,000 (Tax included.)
Omakase Sushi 
¥20,350 to ¥22,000 (Tax included.)
Please note the price is subject to change depending on the menu and procurement situations etc.
※ An additional 10% service charge is required.

祇園 松田屋 Gion Matsudaya

Address 570-123 Giommachi-minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Closed Irregular Holidays
Business Hours Two slots are available for reservation.
Tel. 090-3721-3338
Menu Price per person:
Nigiri-only Course: ¥20,350 ~
Chef’s Tasting Course: ¥27,500 ~
※Please note that the price may vary depending on market conditions.
※Displayed prices do not include a required tax and service charge.
※ An additional 10% service charge is required.
Seating 6 Counter Seats
Reservation Please click the link below for online reservation.

Precautions and Prohibited Matters
• Matsudaya is a reservation-only sushi restaurant, so please book your seat in advance.
• Please inform us in advance if you have any allergies or food restrictions.
• Taking photos is allowed, but please do not use a flash.
• Children who are under 12 years old or Children who cannot eat the adult's menu are not allowed.
• Please ensure enough time for the whole experience.
• People who want to chat a lot rather than enjoying eating sushi are prohibited.
• Please contact us if you have any requests or have any questions.